Fairchild Challenge Award Winners 2016-2017

On May 2nd students, their families and some amazing teachers joined The Dawes Arboretum staff in celebrating another year of STEAM learning and creativity through the Fairchild Challenge.  To help students and teachers remember our theme this year- Every Drop of Water Counts– customized water bottles were distributed to all.  After sharing pizza and desserts, the overall scores were announced and cash awards and certificates were presented to winning schools.  We enjoyed a fun performance by the Heritage Middle School students and shared all the marvelous work submitted throughout the school year.


Four Licking County schools rose to join the Fairchild Challenge this school year. Overall points accrued and prize awarded are as follows:


Total Scores by Challenge 2016-17 Overall Place                     More than 700pts- FC Award metal Cash Awards
School Name Ch1 Ch2 Ch3 Totals
Newark High School 278.33 278.33 1st. $700
Watkins Middle School 739.99 250.75 125 1115.74 1st yes $700.00
Heritage Middle School 629.99 253.25 130 1013.24 2nd yes $350.00
Granville Middle School 346.66 346.66 3rd $200.00

CONGRATULATIONS to our winners!

A sincere thank you to our program sponsors for their generous support in this year’s challenges.




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