The Fairchild Challenge at The Dawes Arboretum wrapped up the school year with a wonderful night of fashion, food and fun at the annual Awards Celebration on May 3rd. Teachers, students and their families learned about the mission of the Challenge and shared in the excitement as they viewed this year’s entries and applauded prize winners.

Congratulations to all the schools who participated this year!  Here are the point totals and our award winners:

Total Scores by Challenge


More than 600pts- FC Award Winner Cash Awards Rain Barrel Winners
Ch1 Ch2 Ch3 Ch4 Totals Place
Licking Valley MS 204.99 316 277.99 355 1153.98 1st FC Award metal $500.00 *
Granville MS 92 373.3 98.33 197 760.63 2nd FC Award metal $300.00
Liberty MS 179.33 353.3 0 532.63 3rd $150.00 *
Lakewood MS 0 0 0 84 84 4th
Pickerington HS North 205.99 370 278.66 277.8 1132.45 1st FC Award metal $500.00
C-TEC  198.66 0 0 352.2 550.86 2nd $300.00
Granville HS 0 321.6 0 0 321.6 3rd $150.00 *
Tri-Valley HS 162 0 0 0 162 4th

We look forward to seeing each school back next year as we develop engaging new environmental challenges for some amazing students and teachers. A special thank you to our generous sponsors and volunteer judges.   Have a great summer!

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