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Welcome Back to the Fairchild Challenge at The Dawes Arboretum

Hello to another school year and to the exciting new challenges for your middle and high school students!  Check out the links above for details on this school year’s competition.

Why participate in The Fairchild Challenge?  Print

  • Inspire students’ critical-thinking skills and civic engagement
  • Win prizes and recognition for both student and school achievement
  • Showcase your students’ abilities to local professionals serving as Fairchild Challenge judges
  • Challenges address many ODE standards including: language arts, science, social studies, fine arts and mathematics 

The Fairchild Challenge fosters interest in the environment by encouraging students to:

  • Appreciate the beauty and value of nature,
  • Develop critical-thinking skills,
  • Understand the need for biodiversity and conservation,
  • Tap community resources,
  • Become actively engaged citizens and
  • Recognize that individuals do indeed make a difference.


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